Documents from the 2008 conference, as well as key planning documents from each of the capital cities, are listed below. Please contact the planning agency directly, should you wish to obtain a hard copy of the material.

2008 Capitals Alliance Conference: Greening the World’s Capital Cities

Summary Report

Capital Cities Key Planning Documents

Brasilia, Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Urbano e Habitacao
Plan, Reality, Preservation

Canberra, National Capital Authority
The National Capital Plan (1990)
Parliamentary Zone Review (2000)
The Symbolic Role of the National Capital (2003)
The Griffin Legacy (2004)
Our Nation, Your Capital
Annual Report 2008 - 2009

Ottawa, National Capital Commission
A Capital in the Making: Reflections of the Past, Visions for the Future
Plan for Canada's Capital
Canada's Capital Commemoration Strategic Plan
Reflecting a Nation - Creating a Capital Experience for All Canadians
Greenbelt Master Plan
Gatineau Park Master Plan
Canada's Capital Core Area Sector Plan

Washington, DC, National Capital Planning Commission
The Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital Region: Federal Elements
Extending the Legacy: Planning America’s Capital for the 21st Century
Memorials and Museums Master Plan
Annual Report
National Capital Urban Design and Security Plan
Monumental Core Framework Plan